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Ask Shopping Expert Kathy Spencer A Question!

Shopping expert and author, Kathy Spencer, will be joining me soon on Mondays with Marlo! Ask her anything you'd like to know about:
  • Couponing
  • Finding deals
  • Feeding a family on a budget
  • Shopping tips
  • Sales
  • How to find sales
  • Black Friday tips
  • Summer shopping for kids
  • Back to school shopping tips
  • Why shop free even when you don't need to
  • Paying it forward
  • Store overage
  • Wine tags
  • Stockpiling vs. hoarding
  • Shopping for free online
  • The hardest things to get for free and how to get them
Post your questions in the comment section below.

Kathy Spencer's life changed three years ago. Just when her husband Brian was up for a large promotion at work, he was hit with a nasty flu that had him in the hospital within days with a life-threatening case of pneumonia. As the Spencer's primary breadwinner for the family of six, Brian's medical bills and prolonged absence from work took a financial toll on the whole family.

While Kathy had typically followed store promotions and casually clipped coupons, she'd never made it a "lifestyle," per se. But one day, in between trips to the hospital, a light bulb went off inside Kathy's head. She ran into a convenience store to buy juice and noticed that a bottle of cranberry was on sale for a dollar, but with a coupon for a dollar off that brand of juice, Kathy snagged the juice for free. That was the moment that Kathy started to wonder if she could apply this shopping strategy to more than just cranberry juice. From that day on, she challenged herself to shop for free.

Since she first started the challenge, Kathy Spencer has become the reigning queen of coupon shopping. Known for her ability to feed her family of six for only $4 a week, Kathy has made appearances on television shows across the country, including ABC's "Good Morning America" and Inside Edition. In 2010 she published some of her secrets in her book How to Shop for Free: Shopping Secrets for Smart Women Who Love to Get Something For Nothing, and earlier this month her audio book was released on Amazon.

For more information about Kathy Spencer visit http://www.howtoshopforfree.net/ or follow her on Twitter.

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