04/16/2012 10:25 am ET

Baby Giraffe On Display At Bronx Zoo (VIDEO)

The new baby baringo giraffe at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo is now on full display, doing cute things like chasing butterflies and being embarrassed by its enormous mom. So even though it was born 6 feet tall and weighed 100 pounds, it's just like other babies!

Eventually the calf will grow to be 16 feet tall and weigh about 2,600 pounds. Wanna know more? The Zoo's got you covered:

Giraffes are native to grasslands, savannas, and open woodlands in central, east, and southern Africa. The Baringo, or Rothschild’s, giraffe is found in western Kenya and eastern Uganda. While giraffe populations are robust in many places, overall the population is decreasing. The Wildlife Conservation Society works across the globe and within the giraffe’s African range to save wildlife and wild places. WCS is working to protect giraffes in key African landscapes like Zakouma, Chad, Murchison Falls, Uganda, and in the Sahel of South Sudan.