04/16/2012 08:19 pm ET Updated Apr 17, 2012

Brooke Burke Wedding: Star Talks Involving Kids In Your Wedding At My Little Pony 'Royal Wedding'

By Natasha Burton and Stephanie Hallett

When "Dancing with the Stars" host Brooke Burke and and her husband David Charvet got married in St. Barths last August, the couple made their nuptials about more than just the joining of husband and wife, but a celebration that very much involved their children as well.

Almost a year later, Burke remembers her wedding day as one that was truly meaningful for the whole family.

“We may have done things a little bit backward in our family, because the kids came first and then the wedding, but it was very special,” Burke said when HuffPost Weddings caught up with her at the My Little Pony "Bridle" Shower in Culver City, Calif. that she hosted on Saturday. “It was sort of our wedding, you know? Not just for David and myself. It was for us. All of us.”

Burke and her husband involved their children -- son Shaya, daughter Rain and Burke’s daughters Sierra and Neriah from her previous marriage to Garth Fisher -- from the get-go, asking them to weigh-in on wedding planning details, such as the flowers. And the kids continued to be part of the process even on the Big Day. “We got ready together and I let [my daughters] help me do my hair and I did their make-up,“ Burke said. “It was just a really special day, not only for my daughters but for my son as well –- he helped my dad get ready.”

Burke’s kids were also a significant part of the ceremony. “They all wore white, and they all held one hydrangea and they all got to participate if they wanted to say something."

While Burke describes her wedding as both very relaxed and very meaningful, she said that her and Charvet's approach to their nuptials might be different than that of a typical bride- and groom-to-be. “We have a blended family so the approach that we took was very well thought-out with my older children from my first marriage,” she said. “I think involving them and letting them have a say and to do as much or as little as they wanted -- with no pressure -- made it really special for them. I didn’t have a lot of needs or demands. I wanted it to be a beautiful day for them also, which is probably not for everyone. “

As for married life, Burke says that while being a working mom can be “crazy busy,” she still manages to make time for date nights with her husband. Her secret? “I try not to schedule too much. After long days, nighttime is family time. I think that makes a big difference.”

Click through the slideshow below to see photos from our interview with Burke and some of the other stars and special touches from the "My Little Pony" event. Check out the two-part "My Little Pony" wedding episode Saturday April 21 at 1pm EST on The Hub.

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