04/16/2012 03:33 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Jenson Bolla-Sosa Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Dog, Mimi

A Fort Lauderdale man was arrested Sunday for having sex with a dog and then resisting arrest.

Fort Lauderdale police report that a witness saw Jenson Bolla-Sosa, 28, with his penis out, penetrating his dog's backside.

When the witness took the dog away from Bolla-Sosa, Mimi, the family pet, was "whimpering in pain," according to the probable cause affidavit.

Police say Bolla-Sosa attempted to evade arrest by spinning away from officers as they steered him towards the patrol car.

He is charged with having sexual contact with animals, causing cruel death, pain or suffering to an animal, and resisting arrest without violence. He is being held at Broward County Jail on $12,500 bond.

Originally from Guatemala, Bolla-Sosa is also being held for an investigation by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, according to the affidavit.

On Monday, the canine predator appeared before Judge John Hurley, who almost denied Bolla-Sosa bond.

The assistant public defender tried to argue with the judge that cases that "involve the abuse of women or the abuse of men, of human beings, and they are able to post bond. The facts of this case are not good. But comparing it to the abuse of a human being is not as significant."

Considering the facts of the case, Hurley responded "I think abuse of an animal in certain circumstances can be just as significant and troubling."

Strangely, another Broward man was convicted of a sexual assault on a dog -- also named Mimi -- last year. Tomas Bautista, 40, was sentenced to 366 days in jail for penetrating his roommate's Chihuahua with his finger.

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