04/16/2012 12:14 pm ET

Lincoln Square Attack: Ron Psenka Chases, Helps Police Apprehend Suspect

A Chicago woman says she's thankful to an area resident who intervened when she was attacked early Saturday morning in the city's Lincoln Square neighborhood.

"In my eyes, he was my hero. If he didn't come out with a shovel, it could have been worse," the anonymous victim told Fox Chicago.

Ron Psenka, 46, was sleeping in his home near the alley where the 21-year-old woman was struggling with her attacker when his wife alerted him to screams in the distance, the Chicago Tribune reports. Psenka grabbed a shovel and began chasing the assailant on foot until he was able to flag down a police patrol car, and officers arrested 27-year-old Admon Shasho.

Police say Shasho, a cab driver, approached the victim around 4:20 a.m. Saturday on West Sunnyside and pushed her into an alley, where he threatened to kill her if she screamed, CBS Chicago reports. He's been charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault and attempted robbery, and his bond was set at $700,000.

Psenka says the victim has already visited twice to thank him, and told ABC Chicago Sunday morning that she and her mom stopped by with flowers over the weekend.