04/16/2012 08:28 am ET Updated Jun 16, 2012

Toddler Mispronounces Fire Pit (VIDEO)

Being a toddler is tough. Between things like potty training and being forced not to eat with your hands, you've got to get your laughs where you can. Take this little girl, for instance. She's very excited about the fire pit barbecue in her backyard, but unfortunately she hasn't quite mastered the words "fire pit."

Despite her parents' most valiant efforts to emphasize the correct pronunciation, she can sense that something funny is going on, so she's sticking to her interpretation for the time being.

According to parents Devin and Erica in the YouTube description: "While our daughter plays outside, she frequently feeds the fire (un-lit) with sticks and pine cones. She used to say 'helping' while she was doing it, but recently started saying that she is 'feeding the fire pit'... at least that's what she thinks she is saying."

And for the skeptics out there, they've added an addendum: "Just for the record, she has never heard the words 'f*ck it' come out of our mouths, or the mouths of our friends and family. (At least that we know of.) This is pure coincidence."

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