04/16/2012 01:27 pm ET Updated Dec 10, 2012

Easter Prank: Utah College Kids' Insanely Funny 'Girls Get Easter Pranked With Live Animals' (WATCH)

A group of college students in Utah have caused quite a stir online for an insanely funny Easter prank they recorded and posted on YouTube.

The video, recently uploaded by YouTube user TribalLunarSpeak, is titled, "Girls Get Easter Pranked with Live Animals."

According to the four minute video, which was reportedly shot by a group of students at Brigham Young University, they wanted to get payback on some girls who had allegedly swiped a friend's Nelson Mandela air freshener (yes, Nelson Mandela air fresheners do exist).

The friends did what any college-age pranksters would do and sought revenge, but the inventive group did not settle on a classic prank like toilet papering trees or waxing windows. No, these 21st. century tricksters took things to a whole new level.

When the unsuspecting girls left their home, the group entered their apartment and cleaned out their living room -- TV, furniture and all. Once complete, they put plastic on the floor, laid down sod, planted a tree or two and -- drum roll for the creme-de-la-creme of the prank –- introduced live bunnies and baby chickens to the newly created indoor ecosystem.

Once the scene was set, one of the tricksters dressed as a bunny and hid in a nearby room, while the others sat patiently in another apartment, watching a live feed of the girl’s living room. It was not long before the investment paid off and girls returned. Their reactions were, of course, priceless and can be seen clearly in the above video.

The Huffington Post reached out to two of the pranksters and one of the victims Monday, but the trio has yet to respond.

The video, which was uploaded on April 11, has received more than 60,000 views.


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