04/16/2012 09:36 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Vintage Shopping Tips From Blogger Sammy Davis (PHOTOS)

We are pleased to introduce Stylelist Blogger Network member Sammy Davis of Sammy Davis Vintage. When she isn't running marathons or managing A Little Wicked in New York City, she's scouring racks of clothing for the best vintage finds. Below, the expert shares her tips for making the most of your vintage shopping experience and tells us how she scored an Hermes scarf for only fifty cents.

What do you love most about vintage clothing?
Vintage clothing connects us in a way that off-the-rack fashion doesn't. It starts a conversation that unifies us through the shared experience of this discovery of beautiful vintage things. I believe that there's a special community amongst vintage lovers that encourages self-love through commitment to authentic self-expression.

Where are your favorite vintage spots?
A Little Wicked in NYC's Lower East Side neighborhood -- I manage the boutique full time, and it's every vintage lover's dream job. My other favorites are the Brooklyn Flea and Marmalade Vintage.

Whose vintage style do you adore?
Elisa Goodkind of StyleLikeU has a gypsy princess charm that I love -- and she can get away with any print. Her daughter Lily Mandelbaum (who she writes the blog with) sticks to her love of all things ethnic and southwest boho. I admire the fact that they shop together and that they both love vintage.

What's your best vintage find?
I thrifted an Hermès scarf for fifty cents from a Salvation Army. I died over the print but didn't take note of the label. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I noticed.

What are your three vintage shopping tips?
1. Know your body type. Are you cut long and lean like a boy? You should rock a jumpsuit! Are you an hourglass, with a teeny waist and voluptuous hips? Definitely look for '50s silhouettes.

2. Ask the store owner and sales girls for help. Vintage stores can be overwhelming, but that's why it's awesome to connect with whoever works there. They know what's on the racks and can help you find a winner that you may never have uncovered yourself.

3. Buy high quality materials. Opt for silk over poly, wool over rayon and look for metal zippers and hook-eye clasps. Exquisite pleating and careful darting are signs of top craftsmanship. Look for those details that you just can't get at a fast fashion chain, and you've made an awesome vintage score.

Below, take a look at the five '80s dress trends that Sammy can't get enough of:


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