04/17/2012 02:44 pm ET

Aaron Parsons Arrested: Baltimore Viral Video Beating Suspect Turns Himself In To Police

A suspect in an alleged St. Patricks Day assault filmed and shared through viral footage turned himself in on Friday night.

Police arrested Aaron Parsons for the March 18 attack on a tourist in Baltimore. On Monday, a district judge reduced Parsons bail from an initial $1 million dollars to $500,000, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Before allowing himself to be detained, Parsons participated in an interview with a local television station to apologize for his actions, CBS Baltimore reported.

Parsons, 20, is a well-known local party promoter and former high school basketball player in the Baltimore area.

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In March, bystanders present at the attack captured the incident on camera, allowing footage to circulate and assist authorities investigating the case.

According to CNN:

In [the videos], a man is seen standing unsteadily against a row of mailboxes. A crowd starts to gather and women dance suggestively against him. Someone notices his watch and a hand seems to grab something from one of his front pockets.

He pursues the supposed thief and is punched in the face. The man falls over backward and his head hits the sidewalk so hard it can be heard on the video.

The suspect allegedly proceeded to strip the victim of his phone, car keys and wallet.

"What he did was heinous. What he's accused of doing is heinous," said Baltimore City Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, according to CBS.

Parsons is charged with robbery, assault and reckless endangerment, ABC reported.

Police are searching for additional suspects.