04/17/2012 09:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Bachelor' Ben And Courtney: Star Tries On Wedding Dress (PHOTOS)

Publicity stunt or for real? That's the question that came to mind when we saw "The Bachelor" star Courtney Robertson donning a wedding dress in these photos. Robertson, 28, publicly copped to trying on gowns to distract the press from gossiping about "Bachelor" beau Ben Flajnik, 29, on the after-show special.

Post the March 12 season finale, the model has been frequently photographed with Flajnik in his native San Francisco. The most controversial couple ever(!) are doing the normal coupley things one expects two people who hardly know each other to be doing: eating, drinking and displaying lavish amounts of public affection.

Just one hitch: They're already engaged. "We're taking it slow," Flajnik told People magazine on March 30. "We haven't decided on a date when she's going to move up to San Francisco yet, so she's got a lot of trips planned. It's nice to get away from the noise and spend time with each other."