04/23/2012 08:27 am ET Updated Jun 17, 2012

Fake Twitter Accounts For College Presidents Pop Up Around The Country

Don't be fooled; that wasn't really your college's president tweeting that he was "sexiled" or that he planned to "mic check" Rick Perry's speech on campus.

More than a dozen college presidents are now being parodied on Twitter. Accounts set up in their name, usually with the word "Fake" at the beginning of the Twitter handle, make jokes about partying, wasting school dollars and commenting on the latest news on campus.

The Washington Post's Jenna Johnson reports that some of the accounts are run by current and former students of the schools. Some of the accounts have been active for a couple years, while others are recent phenomenons.

Fake Twitter accounts have become a popular way to lampoon the real news, and tease people of power like the Queen of England and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. HuffPost College can admit we've been fans of @FakeAPStylebook for some time.

Check out 16 of the fake Twitter accounts for college presidents. Which ones do you think are funny?

fake college presidents on twitter