04/17/2012 01:01 pm ET

Most Tablet Users Disappointed By Site Performance: Survey Says

Is your business website optimized for tablet use -- or do you just think it is? Consumers have high expectations about how websites should perform on iPads and the like, and according to a new survey by Compuware, almost all of them are disappointed.

Nearly 70 percent of tablet users expect a website to load on a tablet in two seconds or less, so it’s not a surprise that 66 percent complain about slow load times. But that’s not all: 44 percent experience too many site crashes, 42 percent have problems with site functions and 40 percent have issues with site format.

Why it matters to your business: Your website only gets two chances to make a good impression on tablet users. If your site doesn't work properly the first time, nearly half of tablet users will give you one or two more chances, and then they’re done with you. Where do they go instead? You're not going to like this, but 46 percent head to your competitors’ websites. Poor performance on a tablet affects your business in other areas as well: 35 percent of users say problems on a tablet make them less likely to go back to your website on any platform and 33 percent say they'd be less likely to ever buy from your business in any form.