04/17/2012 01:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

USC Student Shootings Reward: Councilmember Bernard Parks Announces Additional $75,000 (VIDEO)

Councilmember Bernard Parks announced a $75,000 reward Tuesday for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case of two Chinese USC grad students who were shot to death last Wednesday.

The new amount brings the total reward up to $200,000 when added to USC's $125,000 offering.

The announcement comes one day after the parents and relatives of international students Ying Wu and Ming Qu met with school officials and investigators in Los Angeles about the case. They visited the scene of the crime Sunday after arriving from China the night before, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Wu and Qu's families also met their children's' host families Monday. In an interview with ABC Los Angeles, Wu's host mother Jacqueline Hamilton described what it was like to see the grieving parents for the first time.

"We tried to convey emotions to each other through our tone of voice, through looking at each other," said Hamilton. "Entering the house was almost a little chaotic because there was so much emotion. Us seeing them and feeling at a loss of what to say -- and them feeling overwhelmed with entering the home..."

WATCH ABC Los Angeles' video interview of Jacqueline Hamilton:

The Los Angeles Police Department has identified 75 vehicles that fit the description of the dark car seen fleeing the crime scene and are actively pursuing all leads.

A public memorial for both students will be held Wednesday, reports CBS Los Angeles.