Vince Vaughn, 'The Rockford Files': Star To Head Reboot Of Famed TV Series

April is apparently Vince Vaughn Month. Less than a week after signing on for the comedy "The Internship" with his "Wedding Crashers" co-star Owen Wilson, Vaughn is producing a big-screen take on "The Rockford Files." Per Deadline.com, the project is being written with Vaughn in mind to star.

Created by Stephen J. Cannell, "The Rockford Files" aired on NBC from 1974 to 1980 and focused on a chatty detective (James Garner) who used his vocal dexterity to talk his way out of many tight situations. NBC tried to resurrect the series last year with Dermot Mulroney taking over for Garner. Unfortunately, that pilot, produced by Steve Carell, was apparently awful; Vulture reported last year that the show was "more rehash than reinvention," and plans to bring the show to televisions were scrapped.

Universal (which like NBC is owned by General Electric), is hoping Vaughn's take will work. The script for the new "Rockford Files" will come from David Levien and Brian Koppelman, and could lead to further adventures should the film hit. After all, Koppelman has some sequel experience; he scripted "Ocean's 13" and is working on "National Treasure 3."

Vaughn will next be seen in "Neighborhood Watch," out this July.

[via Deadline.com]