04/18/2012 12:45 pm ET Updated Apr 18, 2012

Angela Harrison, Brandon Harrison, And Gauge Ford Arrested For Illegal MMA Backyard Fights

Ever since Kimbo Slice turned a viral video of a backyard knockout into a burgeoning Mixed Martial Arts career, illegal backyard brawls have "blossomed" in South Florida, especially in the southwest Miami-Dade neighborhood Perrine.

As a 2008 Miami New Times cover story revealed, Miami's youth throw fast fists and fury in semi-secret DIY brawls and cage matches where the winner pockets the crowd's $20 entrance fee.

Officials stopped the Perrine fights in June 2010, but recent arrests in Lee County, Florida prove that the bloody trend is not only continuing but creeping up the state.

It turns out that one Florida family was working together to host and promote illegal MMA fights in their backyard, according to a police release.

Last Thursday, Lee County Sheriff's Office learned of an unauthorized MMA fight at a home in Lehigh Acres back in November. According to reports, the match was promoted by mother Angela Harrison, 36, her husband Brandon Harrison, 27, and his 17-year-old stepson Gage Ford.

Police found videos posted on Facebook that showed young adult males participating in "full head contact fighting."

Watch an unidentified male and Ford fight in the above video.

Working with officials at East Lee County High School, detectives identified the students shown fighting online.

Witnesses told police that Ford started recruiting fellow students two months before the November match at his home.

Participants were told they would fight full contact in padded gloves until one of the fighters' injuries impaired his ability to keep going.

Ford as well as his parents were arrested for violating the Florida Statue, 'Promoting or Sponsoring an Unlicensed Boxing Match,' which is a third degree felony. They were each held on $1,500 bond.

As for Miami's backyard fights, Rakontur filmmakers Andrew Spellman and Billy Corben will release the documentary "Dawg Fight" about the Perrine brawls sometime this year.

Watch the trailer below.