04/18/2012 05:02 pm ET Updated Apr 19, 2012

Brooklyn Decker: Gisele Is My Number One Crush (PHOTOS)

We normal-looking folks often develop girl crushes on models (Karlie Kloss much?) But as it turns out, those long-legged stunners have developed serious love for one another.

To every straight male's delight, Brooklyn Decker recently revealed to GQ that she's got a major girl crush on one top model in particular:

"I have a top-five list, and Gisele is my number one. So she can do no wrong in my eyes." Hold on—what kind of list is this, exactly? "Well, everyone has a top-five list of their biggest crushes, you know?" says Decker. "Usually, it's guys on my list, but Gisele is just so perfect in every way."

Perfect? Bold statement. GQ seems to agree that Gisele is fairly awesome, but why don't we do some research? We've rounded up Gisele's best ads to find her prettiest, dreamiest and sexiest photos over the years.

Check them out and tell us: do you agree with Brooklyn that Gisele is, indeed, perfect in every way?

Gisele's Best Ads