04/18/2012 05:53 pm ET

Enjoying Career Success? It's Probably Because You Couldn't Land A Man

Or so says new research out of the University of Texas at San Antonio, which claims that there is an inverse relationship between the availability of men in a given area and the number of women pursuing higher-paying careers. When men are scarce, women choose to focus on securing the financial resources necessary to fend for themselves and/or future offspring, the study claims. They get married later, start their families later and have fewer children overall. And among college-age women surveyed as part of the experimental portion of this research, those who rated themselves less attractive to men were more likely to claim to aspire to a high-paying career.

Let the hand-wringing begin!

In fact, let the researchers themselves kick it off for you with the doom and gloom scenario that they predict will come from more women becoming more successful in Corporate America. Even if there were men to mate with, these c-suite high fliers would probably turn their noses up at them anyway, they predict. Joke is on you ladies, as this will inevitably lead to growing old and bitter with only your bags of money and brood of cats to console you. To wit:

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