04/18/2012 11:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Courtney Stodden's Video Series Premieres On YouTube With 'My Foot Hurts' (VIDEO)

In case you haven't been keeping track, Courtney Stodden turns 18 on August 29, and everyone's favorite teen bride is counting down the days in a video series on her YouTube account.

The first episode, titled "My Foot Hurts," was posted April 16 and it's a bizarre version of "Newlyweds" mixed with "Girls Next Door." Basically, it's complete nonsense.

The beginning of the clip shows the buxom blonde complaining that her ankle hurts as she struts about her house in sky-high plastic heels. She talks on the phone with her mom and discusses what she wants to wear for an upcoming photo shoot -- "I want a really tight, tiny dress, as always" -- but can't stop complaining about her foot. Her mom doesn't seem to care.

Cut to the next scene: Stodden, 17, wearing next to nothing, complains to her husband, Doug Hutchison, 51, about her foot, which she thinks she injured during an Easter-themed photo shoot. Hutchison disagrees.

"It's the shoes, baby, I'm telling you. Stop wearing the shoes!" he proclaims. Drama!

A week later, a doctor confirms Stodden sprained her foot while jumping during the shoot, and the injury has nothing to do with her high shoes. Fashion crisis averted!

If you have 5 minutes, 18 seconds to spare, check out the video below. Note: It's slightly NSFW. YouTube has age-restricted the video.