04/18/2012 05:43 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2012

Dwyane Wade Plays Basketball With Kids In SoHo Playground While Wearing Shirt And Tie (VIDEO)

After scoring 28 points in the Heat's victory over the Knicks Sunday, the ever-stylish Dwyane Wade complimented Lisa Salters fuchsia shirt, chatted with Vogue Editor Anna Wintour, and then headed down to Soho with his stylist to buy socks.

But perhaps because Dwyane was in a particularly good mood, maybe swept up the beauty of a nice spring day in Manhattan, he and his crew, including a cameraman, made one final stop--the Thompson Street Playground.

"This is not a commercial," Dwyane announced to the camera, walking onto the basketball court. "This is real life."

It's just a heartwarming scene of Dwyane playing some ball with a flabbergasted group of kids-- enough to make you think celebrities can be really nice people sometimes and that world is a wonderful place.

Also, maybe Dwyane should move to New York? Play for the Knicks?

[VIA Animal]