04/18/2012 02:31 pm ET

Gokey: A Place To Keep Your Key While Running

For many dedicated runners, the hardest part of that early-morning run may not be the physical strain. It's finding a place to keep your house key. Enter gokey, an item so simple yet useful it’s surprising the titans of the sports apparel world hadn’t thought to make it yet. This silicone creation ensures that your key will remain safe during athletic activity or times when you’re out without pockets -- no more keys attached to drawstrings or inside shoes or bras.

The key itself acts as the initial link for the gokey, proceeded by friction between the key and the silicone creating a secure closure. The bracelet can then buckle and lock in place, revealing the word “go” from the product's name.

The gokey’s creators are Cristina Cook and Francesca Passoni, a design duo based in Chicago. Cook’s background involves product and graphic design while Passoni has experience with design strategy and business.

The idea for gokey came from Cook’s own frustrations with running. "I used to stuff my key into my sock," Cook told Co.Design. "Let me tell you, that is not the most comfortable solution. Nothing ever seems quite right. I personally hate running shorts so most of my shorts do not have the tiny pocket. The few times I have used one of those pockets, it has driven me crazy--the bouncing. I feel like it ruins my ability to meditate and instead just aggravates."

Cook and Passoni have taken to Kickstarter to fundraise for the project. The two are trying to raise $10,000 -- and with 26 days left to fundraise are currently a little over $3,000 from their goal. The $10,000 will allow Cook and Passoni to produce gokey in varying sizes from 5.5 inches to 7 inches, and two colors, “vibrant blue and punchy red”.