04/18/2012 11:06 am ET Updated Jul 31, 2017

Mitt Romney: Fox News Gives Us 'Good, Fair Play'

Mitt Romney has now expanded on his Sunday comments about moving beyond Fox News, telling conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday that he thought the network had treated him fairly, but he wanted more Republican representation on other outlets.

"Fox is watched by the true believers," Romney told an audience at a private fundraiser this past weekend. "We need to get the independents and the women."

Asked by Ingraham about that comment, Romney said, "I realize, of course, that Fox has a lot of independent voters, a lot of Democrats that watch. In a network that is fair and balanced, our message gets a good, fair play. But there are some networks that do not give us that fair play, and we've got to put some of our people there. We've got to get some surrogates there. We've got to get more commentators that are there. I was watching a show on CNN the other night where there were three commentators, and, as you can imagine, two were Democrats. Well, you know, let's even things out."

Some of Romney's Republican rivals have been less enthused about Fox's coverage. Last week Newt Gingrich charged that "Fox has been for Romney all the way through" and said that CNN was less biased. Rick Santorum said during a March interview that Romney had "Fox News shilling for him every day."