04/18/2012 11:44 am ET Updated Jun 18, 2012

Joe Scarborough, 'Morning Joe' Panel Have Laughing Fit Over Romney, Obama Dog Attacks (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski collapsed into a fit of giggles on Wednesday's "Morning Joe" over the latest charge in Mitt Romney and President Obama's dog wars.

The story of Seamus the dog has been a sore point for Mitt Romney. On Tuesday, his campaign fought back. The Daily Caller posted an excerpt from President Obama's memoir, in which he recalled eating dog meat as a little boy in Indonesia.

Willie Geist mocked the exchange between the two camps in his "News You Can't Use" segment. He replayed a clip of Diane Sawyer's recent interview with Mitt and Ann Romney. Ann said that Seamus would get "the runs" from eating turkey on the counter.

"You don't have to say it!" Scarborough pleaded, cracking up the rest of the panel. "Give us less! Less is more! You don't have to explain it... Don't talk about the dog's runs!"

Geist noted that strategist David Axelrod tweeted a picture of the president riding in a car with his dog Bo, with the message 'How loving owners transport their dogs.'

Then, he pulled up the excerpt from Obama's book. Scarborough found the story was so ridiculous that he thought Geist had been joking. "I thought you were making this up!" he exclaimed, laughing.

Geist continued to describe the Romney campaign's response. A senior advisor's tweet -- "In hindsight, a chilling photo" -- prompted Scarborough and Brzezinski to laugh uncontrollably.



Reporter laughing fits

Reporter Laughing Fits