04/18/2012 04:08 am ET

'Raising Hope' Finale: Lucy Takes Jimmy To Court For Custody Of Hope (VIDEO)

After the jaw-dropping surprise reveal that Lucy wasn't dead after all on last week's penultimate episode of "Raising Hope" (Tue., 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox), she took Jimmy and his whole family to court this week in hopes of regaining custody of Hope. And her lawyer had a trick up her sleeve as well.

The Chances thought their odds pretty good considering Lucy was a serial killer convicted and sentenced to death. But after her execution was botched, Lucy's record was wiped clean to avoid any embarrassment by the state, and so her serial killer past was inadmissible.

Her lawyer brought in virtually every guest star the show has ever had in a very "Seinfeld"-ian stream of memories, ultimately leading to Jimmy losing custody. But fate intervened just as Jimmy was ready to leave the country to stay with his daughter. After finding out he loved Sabrina, Lucy decided to kill her and chased her down the street with a knife, where she promptly got hit by a bus.

That truly brings a whole new meaning to the old cliche of a sitcom solving the biggest problems in 22 minutes.

"Raising Hope" has been renewed and will return in Fall 2012 on Fox.

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