04/18/2012 11:07 am ET

Beirut's Riviera Hotel Launches Bizarre Promotion With Bathroom Sunglasses

Beirut's Riviera Hotel has long been a bastion of style and class on the Mediterranean. Opened in 1956, the hotel offers 120 luxurious rooms and suites. In an effort -- perhaps -- to modernize the setting, the hotel has launched a new ad campaign to draw attention to its trendy Riviera Prive, a private beach lounge.

To get the word out, the hotel hired an advertising agency to stick big, reflective vinyl sunglasses in the bathrooms of hotspots around town. The slogan, "Be Seen," adorns these ads. It might be the most blatant attempt to date to get wanna-bes and am-alreadys to a supposed hotspot. It is likely the first time that a hotel has advertised by simulating for potential patrons the experience of being spied on in the bathroom by a perverted giant.

Do you think it's a smart marketing tool by a classic hotel or a failed attempt at copping an attitude? Vote below. If you've been to the Riviera Hotel, send us your photos!