04/18/2012 02:28 pm ET

Subway Restaurant: More Closures Due To Health Violations Than Any Other NYC Chain

A new report conducted by The Daily News reveals more Subway restaurants have been closed due to health violations than any other chain in the city, with 55 closings in the past five years.

The nauseating statistics also show that Kennedy Fried Chicken came in second for 31 closures.

Subway is also the second largest national chain in the city. Dunkin Donuts, the city's number one chain, ranked third place in the report with 23 closings in the past five years.

Although a Subway representative insisted upon thorough cleanliness citing "90 percent of the locations have an A rating," a flight attendant and former fan of the chain's sandwiches expressed her disgust, "I’m completely shocked. That’s really gross actually. It will definitely affect whether I go to Subway. The $5 foot-long isn’t worth me throwing up."

The city's controversial restaurant letter grading system has said to have led to the decline in cases of salmonella food poisoning. Mayor Bloomberg touted the findings saying, "It just may be that clean kitchens are as good for business as clean air is when a restaurant is smoke-free."

Yet, several council members including Council Speaker Christine Quinn oppose the letter grades for their punitive point system. Quinn explained, "If you have a fly on your sidewalk cafe, you're getting a fine and you're getting a point against you in your grade. How the heck are you supposed to prevent flies from being in your sidewalk cafe? We need a system that's fair to the consumer and fair to the small businesses or restaurants in New York."



The top ten national chains in NYC: