04/19/2012 12:05 pm ET

Baby Room Grow House: Christopher And Angela Holbrooks Stored Marijuana Around Baby, Police Say

A Florida couple used their 3-week-old baby's bedroom in an illegal marijuana grow-house operation, according to the Hillsborogh County Sheiriff's Office.

Christopher and Angela Holbrooks, 30 and 34, were arrested Saturday when officers discovered a hydroponic marijuana growing operation in their Plant City home.

Police seized 37 plants weighing approximately 20 pounds and valued at $60,000. They said there was a "strong odor of marijuana" within the residence.

"The arrestees were also storing loose marijuana in a three week old child’s room," a sheriff's report said.

Authorities also found "fresh cut marijuana clippings on the front porch," according to police.

"I can't believe that. How could they do that to a baby? I have kids of my own. It's shocking," neighbor Monica Case told ABC Action News.

The baby was removed by Child Protective Services.

The couple is charged with manufacture of marijuana, possession of marijuana, possession for purpose of manufacturing and possession of drug paraphernalia. Additional charges are pending.