04/19/2012 10:14 am ET Updated Apr 19, 2012

Jon Stewart Blasts GSA, Jeff Neely For Massive Spending (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart was concerned when, in early April, the General Services Administration found themselves in hot water after holding a luxurious Las Vegas conference with an $800,000, taxpayer-funded price tag.

Since then, the GSA has been brought to the House Oversight Committee for investigation, and it turns out that conference wasn't their only foray into aggressive spending. It appears that GSA executive Jeff Neely in particular has taken certain financial liberties, including five different vacations -- one of them to celebrate his wife's birthday -- on the taxpayers' dime, and now Stewart is downright flabbergasted.

"They're basically the facilities manager of the United States government," Stewart said. "Their mission is to exemplify efficiency, cost-cutting -- a task they felt could best be expressed by a lavish, $822,000, three-day Las Vegas conference slash epic f*ck-fest... and apparently systemic issues of corruption."

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