04/19/2012 12:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mogwai 'Earth Division' For 'Occupy This Album' (AUDIO)

Thankfully, the Occupy Wall Street movement has moved past the drum circles as their main music genre and into a constructed, produced mix of everything. On May 15, a four-disc, 99-song compilation, Occupy This Album, will be released via the organization Music for Occupy. Yesterday, a five-track teaser was uploaded, including "Earth Divison" a six-minute instrumental track by Mongwai.

Mogwai's track, "Earth Division," is a meandering rock epic with a sound that goes right along with the epic movement Occupy Wall Street has become. The song is pretty characteristic of Mogwai's post-rock sound -- droning guitars and heavy bass drum slowly build into the massive climax at the end.

The album's producer Jason Samuel gave a hat tip to Matt Pless, a singer-songwriter and protestor in Zucotti Park, who served as inspiration for the album. A portion of the proceeds from Occupy this Album, released on Razor & Tie, will go to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Listen to Mogwai's "Earth Division":