Mogwai 'Earth Division' For 'Occupy This Album' (AUDIO)

Thankfully, the Occupy Wall Street movement has moved past the drum circles as their main music genre and into a constructed, produced mix of everything. On May 15, a four-disc, 99-song compilation, Occupy This Album, will be released via the organization Music for Occupy. Yesterday, a five-track teaser was uploaded, including "Earth Divison" a six-minute instrumental track by Mongwai.

Mogwai's track, "Earth Division," is a meandering rock epic with a sound that goes right along with the epic movement Occupy Wall Street has become. The song is pretty characteristic of Mogwai's post-rock sound -- droning guitars and heavy bass drum slowly build into the massive climax at the end.

The album's producer Jason Samuel gave a hat tip to Matt Pless, a singer-songwriter and protestor in Zucotti Park, who served as inspiration for the album. A portion of the proceeds from Occupy this Album, released on Razor & Tie, will go to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Listen to Mogwai's "Earth Division":