04/19/2012 03:46 pm ET Updated Apr 20, 2012

Anthony Lee, Dad, Cries When His Daughter Meets One Direction (VIDEO)

While some parents may need a primer on why their daughters love One Direction, Australian dad Anthony Lee clearly gets it. He must not balk at the multitude of One Direction accessories (ranging from sneakers to charm bracelets), young Tweeters staying single until the boy-band members become available, or a college student who waxes poetic about why she loves the group so much -- and why you should, too. Apparently, Lee listened.

When daughter, Catie Rose, dreamed about seeing One Direction live, he joined forces with her and, according to Australian TV show, TODAY, "tried every competition, you name it, we've done it" to win tickets. They couldn't get into a show, but even better -- the dad/daughter duo caught all five band-members leaving a photo shoot, NineMSN reports. "We got the best thing, a hug from Harry and autographs from all the boys," Dad said.

Lee was so happy for his daughter that he burst out into actual tears (his emotional moment captured on video above). After waiting for three hours, Lee said he was emotional "just to see her happy because she tried so hard." Catie, who also cried, told the reporter that she loves her dad so much. And, the reporter called Lee "the best dad in Australia."

NineMSN reports that the surprises didn't stop there. The TODAY show gave Catie and her dad tickets to One Direction's next concert, which led to a whole new waterworks display.