04/19/2012 02:21 pm ET Updated Apr 19, 2012

Taylor Schilling: Who Is Zac Efron's 'The Lucky One' Co-Star?

She's Zac Efron's newest leading lady, but who exactly is Taylor Schilling? The blond beauty -- who we think bears an uncanny resemblance to "Revenge" actress Amber Valletta -- appears alongside the "High School Musical" hearthrob in the new Nicholas Sparks-adapted film "The Lucky One" (in theaters Friday).

And she sure is lucky. Ever since nabbing the leading role in Hollywood's newest weepy romance -- a soldier credits his survival to finding Schilling's character's photo (tear!) -- Schilling has been a paparazzi magnet, raising the question, where did she come from?

The 27-year-old got her start in the industry with a small part in the 2007 film "Dark Matter," starring Meryl Streep -- not a bad co-star to rub elbows with for a first-timer. From there, Schilling went on to land a leading role in the NBC drama "Mercy."

This time, luck wasn't in Schilling's corner just yet as the show was canceled after one season in 2010. But Schilling had a second go at top billing in 2011's "Atlas Shrugged," based on Ayn Rand's 1957 novel.

The Hollywood newcomer must have a thing for literary-inspired roles, as her next gig would come in the flick adapted from Nicholas Sparks -- the writer behind other romance novels-turned-films like "The Last Song" and "The Notebook -- alongside Efron.

And what does she think of her hunky co-star's tonsil hockey skills?

"He knows what he's doing," Schilling told Hollyscoop. "I can't complain, those aren't hard days at work."

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