04/19/2012 02:27 pm ET Updated Apr 19, 2012

Toto The Tornado Kitten Grows Up And Inspires A Children's Book About His Amazing Survival Tale

After miraculously surviving a devastating tornado, the story of a tiny kitten continues to inspire in a new children's book, Mouse Breath! magazine reports.

Last June, after a violent tornado barreled through western Massachusetts, Toto, the tiniest of survivors, was found clinging onto a high branch of a tree in storm-battered Brimfield.

Weighing a diminutive 6 ounces, the kitten was the unlikeliest of survivors, NECN reports.

"We tried to feed him some milk but he wouldn’t drink it. It was pretty obvious he needed more care," paramedic Jonathan Hall, who helped rescue Toto, said. The kitten was clearly critically injured.

Thanks to the efforts of the Animal Rescue League of Boston, brave little Toto fought for his life and, incredibly, survived the massive tornado that killed one and destroyed over 140 homes.

The little survivor became a powerful beacon of encouragement.

"After what we saw out there, that kitten was like a symbol of hope," Brimfield Police Chief Dawn Charette told Mouse Breath!. "I saw guys -- I mean big, tough cops -- just break down when they saw that kitten.”

"We started thinking that if that cat would be OK, then maybe we’d all be OK, too," she added.

A year on, Toto is all grown up.

But the brave cat -- who has become quite the mini celebrity -- continues to inspire with his story of survival.

At the end of March, Hall -- whose wife adopted the kitten when he had recovered from his injuries -- published an illustrated children's book entitled "The Story Of Toto, The Tornado Kitten," Love Meow reports.

The book was illustrated by Carol Ruzicka and funded by Country Bank.

"My students were truly inspired by your story," wrote first grade teacher Allie Beane on Toto's Facebook page. "They loved Toto."

Full proceeds from the book's sales will be donated to the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

For more information or to purchase the book, visit Toto's website.

Watch a video on NECN that shows Toto days after his rescue last June.