04/19/2012 10:38 am ET

Wind Storm In Turkey Causes Yacht Inferno

A heavy windstorm nearly caused a tragedy in Turkey on Wednesday after a yacht caught fire, CNN reports.

The vessel was cruising in the Bosphorus, a strait in Turkey separating Europe and Asia. Intense winds reportedly swept up the fire, quickly turning the boat into a massive fire ball. Men in suits climbed the railing and desperately clung to the white metal.

Euronews reports that 10 people were rescued from the boat.

Winds reached up to 62 miles per hour on Wednesday, according to CNN, and caused chaos and destruction across the country.

Reuters reports that authorities temporarily closed bridges across the Bosphorus because of the winds. Turkish Airlines was forced to cancel 43 domestic and international flights on Thursday.

According to Euronews, at least five people have been killed in the storm and the city reported the wind destroyed the roofs of 300 buildings.