04/20/2012 03:05 pm ET Updated Apr 20, 2012

On 4/20 'Weed Day,' Celebrity-Named Marijuana Is A Hit At Pot Shops

Happy 4/20, aka National Pot Smokers Day. Care for a hit of "Obama Og"? Or "Vin Diesel"? Some marijuana dispensaries continue to name their weed after celebrities, even if the likes of Tom Cruise and Jeremy Lin occasionally object.

As these small businesses fight to survive a federal crackdown, some are even thinking of unionizing.

Is it any surprise then that a few might also turn to bold-faced name-power to help? Sure, the stores may be violating licensing rights without the stars' permission. And sometimes these mom-and-pot shops show questionable taste (Whitney Houston Og, for shame). But we're not their mother. Click onward for the A-list brands of herb on the market.