04/20/2012 10:52 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

David Lynch's 'Noah's Ark' Gets Remixed By Moby (AUDIO)

David Lynch has been turning out some crazy tracks from his debut album Crazy Clown Time. Now, he has handed his work over to electronic artist Moby. Yesterday, the remixed version of "Noah's Ark" was uploaded to Lynch's YouTube channel, DAVIDLYNCHSUNDAYBEST.

Moby's remix of "Noah's Ark" is basically a longer version of the original with some shallow beats and drawn out strings layered on top. The song is playing under what is essentially a six minute ad for Lynch's new album Crazy Clown Time, and I guess Moby and Lynch's friendship with a quote overlay, "David Lynch is a friend and I love his movies and his art and this music. Few things make me happier than working with him."

The track will be available for Record Store Day.

Listen below for the Moby remix of David Lynch's "Noah's Ark:"