04/20/2012 04:02 pm ET Updated Apr 22, 2012

Goldman Sachs Missed Connection: Woman Seeks Man Too 'Cute To Be A Banker'

Love in the belly of the Vampire Squid.

Take it in. It could be the title of the next fairytale romance. At least if one Craigslist Missed Connection poster has her way.

Apparently one lucky job applicant locked eyes with a man too "cute to be a banker" in the lobby of Goldman Sachs, but he was gone too quickly for them to speak. So of course she launched the most sure-fire plan she could think of to find her sexy banker: Posting an ad on the internet.

Here’s the full ad from Craigslist:

I was entering the building for the interview and you were leaving the building...
around 3 30pm...and we looked at each other for a while... I looked back and you also looked back.....actually I think you did longer.

I thought you are cute to be a banker.... my interviewer was a female so no way to compare the cuteness of employees of the firm but I am pretty sure you are in the top tranche........

I do not think I can find you here, but I might..
the odds says I am being too optimistic, but when one tries to defeat the odds something great happens..

Who knows? Maybe the odds of finding love at Goldman are higher than you might think? It can't be worse than some places. Union Square is "the loneliest place in NYC," according to someone that, yes, actually studies Craigslist missed connections.

Either way, help a sister out by forwarding the ad to the cutest Goldman banker you know. Maybe if it works, you'll get an invite to their wedding.