04/20/2012 12:05 pm ET

Miley Cyrus Crying Out For Attention After Career Setback

Since the couple met on the set of the 2010 movie "The Last Song," Liam Hemsworth has been better known as Miley Cyrus' boyfriend than for his work as an actor -- but times have changed.

Cyrus, with her hit Disney show, chart-topping albums and moderately successful film career, was the obvious power player in the relationship, but Hemsworth's role in "The Hunger Games" might soon make Cyrus better known as Liam Hemsworth's girlfriend.

Miley's big attempt to break out of the family-friendly Disney mold by playing a rebellious teenager in "LOL" has been somewhat thwarted, in large part by the film that is helping her boyfriend become a household name.

According to the Los Angeles Times, "LOL" was made in 2010 and Lionsgate acquired the domestic distribution rights, but the film never got a spot on the release calendar because the company was too focused on bigger projects -- specifically "The Hunger Games."

Now that "Hunger Games" has taken in $336,666,363 at the box office, "LOL" is finally getting a release -- albeit a limited one. With almost no promotion from the studio, Cyrus' film will open in just seven cities on May 4, narrowly avoiding a straight-to-DVD fate, only because of a contract with foreign distributors that mandated the film be shown domestically in at least 100 theaters.

With no marketing from Lionsgate, Cyrus seems embarrassed to promote the film herself. A studio spokeswoman told the LA Times that the actress was not available to discuss the film due to her schedule, and clearly, Miley must be too busy going to Pilates every day, walking her dog and professing the wonders of a gluten-free diet on Twitter to talk about the film.

The only nod Cyrus has given to the movie is to thank her fans for promoting it and to retweet a link to the film's website.

It's got to be a tough break for Cyrus, who was largely counting on the film's success to help her transition to more grown-up roles. While Liam's rise to fame doesn't appear to be affecting their relationship, it might explain some of Cyrus' recent behavior.

The 19-year-old recently tweeted a photo of her left hand while wearing what looked liked a diamond ring, sparking engagement rumors, and has been making headlines for her rapidly shrinking body, prompting her to deny that she has an eating disorder. And we can't forget that her apparent lack of love for undergarments also landed her in the news when she showed off a significant amount of side boob, while wearing a shirt with no bra.

All of these incidents on their own seem par for the course in Hollywood, but with the disappointing turn in her career, it all seems like a desperate cry for attention.

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