04/20/2012 10:33 am ET Updated Apr 20, 2012

Michael Iniquez, School Board Member, Posts Racist Message, Photo On Facebook

A group representing several hundred parents in suburban Chicago is outraged over an apparently racist post on the Facebook page of a school board member.

Michael Iniquez, a member of the Morton High School District 201 school board in Berwyn, Ill., is at the center of the controversy over a photo of a black child posted on his Facebook page with the comment “IT’S FRIDAY NI**A’S," according to CBS Chicago. Iniquez has blamed the post on his 15-year-old son, but admitted to posting other questionable statements likening U.S. Cellular Field, home to the Chicago White Sox, to a "ghetto."

Iniquez's Facebook page has been removed since the Chicago Sun-Times first reported the issue.

“Certainly, if these allegations are true, he has no place on this school board,” Robert Pauly, president of the parent group Berwyn CARES, told the newspaper.

An internal investigation is underway, led by the Town of Cicero, where Iniquez works as the head of rodent control.

This is the most recent in an rash of incidents where racial tensions in Chicago have come to a head on publicly-visible profile pages.

Earlier this month, a bartender at the high-end club Proof was fired over a series of vitriolic posts calling African-Americans "ignorant," "apes," and "animals" and using racial slurs.

The Town of Cicero, Iniquez's employer, is also no stranger to racially and ethnically inflammatory remarks. Larry Dominick, its town president, was sued last summer for allegedly firing a town employee because of his race. According to that lawsuit, Dominick described Latinos as “spics,” “wetbacks” and “illegal f***ing immigrants."

Dominick, according to the Sun-Times, has condemned the actions of Iniquez, who, incidentally, is a longtime supporter of his.