04/20/2012 12:54 pm ET

Colorado College Beats UC Boulder In Most 4/20 Friendly Schools

There may be a fight between the University of Colorado at Boulder's leaders and the students planning to celebrate 4/20 with a "smokeout" on campus, but there's another Colorado college whose students are considered just as kind to the buds.

Bloggers speculate that Colorado College, a small liberal arts school, could have beaten CU Boulder in the Princeton Review's weed rankings because its marijuana is rumored to be more potent.

"I have high respect for both schools," Rob Franek, vice president and publisher of the Princeton Review, said when the rankings were released.

HuffPost College has the top 10 list of colleges, in order according to the Princeton Review, where the campus attitudes towards marijuana are more relaxed than at others.

The 10 Most Pot Friendly Schools