04/20/2012 03:43 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2012

New Hampshire Student Allegedly Hacked Into High School Computer To Change Grades (VIDEO)

An unnamed student at Pelham High School in Pelham, N.H., may have taken the 80's film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" a little too seriously, as he allegedly hacked into the school's computer to change his grades, WHDH-TV reports.

According to the station, officials at the school declined to elaborate on how the student gained access, saying only that the student had been disciplined.

One parent even said the incident might have been for the best.

"I was a little shocked, but it is a little bit amazing that we have kids with that kind of computer aptitude that would be able to crack into the system," Debbie Croatti told WHDH-TV. "I’m glad that they found out and that they’re going to remedy the situation and make it better."

Eli Morse, president and CEO of Salem-based Morse Technologies, told the Eagle Tribune that this type of thing happens all the time.

"Yes, I've seen this before, not only with schools but among all sorts of industries," Morse told the paper. "Anything is hackable."

My FOX Boston reports school officials are working to update their firewall systems in an effort to prevent future hacking attempts from being successful.

Although local authorities were notified, WHDH reports they are currently not involved.