04/20/2012 01:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

PinView Facebook App Turns Profile, Timeline Into Pinterest Board (PHOTO)

PinView, a new Facebook app, allows users to turn their timelines into what looks just like a Pinterest board.

The visually enhanced format of the Facebook profile plays up images in the newsfeed, timeline and friends page, displaying users' latest updates in a grid-like format.

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The beta application gives users the option to browse Facebook as they would browse their Pinterest boards.

They can sort through the latest news and updates by viewing everything or filtering results to include only photos or video.

Currently, posts don't include timestamps, so there's no sense of when updates were published other than their position on the grid.

The application also highlights posts users have "liked" by placing an orange ribbon tag on the top right of each post.

And if users need a refresher course on who's in their network, the "Friends" view splashes the names and images of all connections across the screen.

The PinView concept stemmed from visual appeal of Pinterest, the fast-growing virtual bookmarking social networking site on the Internet.

"The actual design pattern that Pinterest is using isn't really new, but it’s solid and we thought it would be interesting to try and see how it would work with Facebook," Thomas Peterson, the app's creator, told Media Bistro's 10,000 Words blog.

In addition, Petersen said there will be more tweaks made to PinView over time.

“We are also planning to allow you to sort them based on popularity and other non-realtime properties," Petersen told Mashable.

Still, some question whether Pinterest's appeal is already dying down.

Business Insider's Nicholas Carlson observes the site has lost users over the last 50 days, with the number of active users decreasing from 11.3 million on March 1 to roughly 8.3 million as of April 20.

Users can try out PinView by authorizing the app on Facebook.