04/20/2012 04:20 am ET

'The Office': The Return Of Anger Problems Andy As Nellie Won't Give Up The Manager Job (VIDEO)

Robert California's aversion to any sort of conflict often leads to chaos and conflict, but it lead to something far more severe on this week's "The Office" (Thu., 9 p.m. ET on NBC). Andy returned from his trip to bring back Erin, only to find Nellie unwilling to give up his office or his job.

Even Robert couldn't convince her to step down, so he decided to leave it up to Andy and Nellie to figure out. This brought back the Andy with anger management issues long-time fans of the series remember from when he was first brought into the Scranton office after the merger with the Stamford office.

The parallels ran so close that in a final fit of rage -- during which he was joined by Erin -- he punched a hole in the exact same wall he busted up back then. Finally, Robert came to a solution, though it was essentially to give Nellie what she wanted. This time, Andy refused, and subsequently was fired.

But don't count him out just yet. According to HitFix, Andy has a huge secret about Robert in the season finale. Could he use it to try and leverage his way back into his job? It's no shadier than Nellie just walking in and taking it from him.

Find out as "The Office" continues Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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