04/20/2012 10:04 am ET Updated Apr 21, 2012

Tim Hetherington Remembered (PHOTOS)

Tim Hetherington was killed one year ago today by mortar shells in Misurata, Libya, while photographing the Libyan civil war. The photographer and Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker was known for his combat images that turned their focus to the human, making the usual trivialities of life and unusual horrors of war resonate equally, lingering with you long after you've clicked to the next slide.

Hetherington's images and two of his documentary films ("Diary" and "Sleeping Soldiers") are currently on display at the Yossi Milo Gallery in New York, focusing on his photographs taken in Liberia and Afghanistan from 2003-2008. The images are taken from the series "Long Story Bit By Bit: Liberia Retold" and "Infidel," Hetherington's book on American troops stationed in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley.

"The work in Afghanistan shows a vulnerable side of soldiers at rest and at play, while the work in Liberia shows people involved or coping with a civil war," Yossi Milo, owner of the gallery, said in an email. "The images are remarkable in different ways, and because of Tim’s style, you can still relate to even the toughest scenes."

Hetherington has acknowledged the "prickly relationship between the press and the military" in the past. "I liked them [the soldiers], and I think they felt that, and I think that hastened their opening up to me," he said in an interview with Ideas Tap.

"I remember reading one story that included an interview with one of the soldiers he had photographed in Afghanistan," Milo wrote. "When asked what he wanted to do when he left the Army, he said he wanted to be Tim. That’s the kind of information that makes these photographs even more meaningful."

Yossi Milo Gallery's Tim Hetherington exhibit runs through May 19. Go here for more information, and click through some of the images below.