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Dinner Party Tips, From Colin Cowie (VIDEO)

When Colin Cowie joined me on "Mondays With Marlo," one of our viewers wrote in, "I'm having a dinner party for six colleagues. Any tips for making it memorable and different?" Here's what Colin suggested:

  • When you’re having a dinner party, just realize that today’s savvy entertainer is a resourceful entertainer. It’s not about chopping, slicing, dicing, peeling and doing everything yourself. You get no medals for that. So if you love to cook, cook one or two dishes, but you might want to supplement it with a store bought dessert or prewashed salad that you could put maybe a crouton or cheese on or something and dress it up that way.
  • Consider starting off with an incredible soup. That’s your first course and then you’re going to do salads for the second course and then the main course. So, for the soup, I would bring out the soup bowls. Take your hot soup and put it in a coffee pourer and pour it around the table, pass that around. That way you’re getting hot soup and you don't have the soup sliding all over the place. It’s very easy to do. You could even put it in a coffee thermos or a carafe if you wanted to do beforehand.
  • Salads -- make the salads, six or eight of them, however many you’re serving; put them on a tray in the refrigerator. Take the tray out and bring it directly to the table and serve.
  • And then for your main course do like a one pot, one-shot wonder, a fabulous chicken casserole or wonderful lasagna or something that comes from the oven directly to the table and do a great store bought dessert.

Simple and stylish! Here are some more of Colin's tips on entertaining and weddings:

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Wedding Tips

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