04/23/2012 04:54 pm ET

'American Idol': Randy Jackson Picks His Final 4 (VIDEO)

Last Thursday, "American Idol" fan-favorite Colton Dixon was voted off the Fox talent show as it winnowed its remaining contestants down to 6. "Idol" judge Randy Jackson dropped by "The Talk" (weekdays on CBS) on Monday, where he made some additional predictions about the rest of the competition, and shared his personal Final 4 with the panel.

"I think the Top 3 is probably Phil Phillips, Skylar Laine, Jessica [Sanchez] who we saved, and probably Joshua [Ledet] ... Those are the Top 4," Jackson said, correcting his math. Of course, since the "Idol" judges already used their save on Sanchez, there's no guarantee that their ideas about who should stay in the competition will be shared by the "American Idol" voting public. Still, it's not exactly good news for Hollie Cavanagh and Elise Testone, the two members of the Top 6 that Jackson didn't mention.

Later in the interview, Julie Chen asked Jackson to name the biggest diva he's ever worked with on "Idol," whether it be a contestant or fellow-judge. Although she didn't include host in her query, Jackson nonetheless pointed to Ryan Seacrest. "I equate this whole diva thing to like, how many beauty products do you have? How long does it take you to get ready?" Jackson explained, taking a moment to think. "A dear friend, but Ryan Seacrest ... Simon was close to him, because they were using products that weren't even on the market."

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