04/23/2012 05:51 pm ET

Risks To Facebook: The 13 Factors That Could Hurt Facebook, According To Its Amended S-1 Filing

Facebook is nearing its IPO date, and as it gets closer, it has been furiously updating its S-1 filing.

The social network released an amendment to the S-1 on Monday afternoon, and with it came an updated list of risk factors, the bumps in the road that could totally undo its business, and the reasons one might not invest in what could be the largest initial public offering in Internet history.

Below, we've updated our list of the biggest risks facing Facebook as it prepares for its rumored May 17 IPO. Scan through the biggest risks -- from the Yahoo patent lawsuit, to a blocked-off China, to Mark Zuckerberg himself -- and decide for yourself: What is Facebook's largest obstacle to long-term success?

The Biggest Risks To Facebook's Business