04/23/2012 03:43 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2012

Black Voices 'U Look Fab' Series: LaTonia Smith's Marvelous Mane (PHOTOS)

Black Voices' "U Look Fab" series is a way to shine the spotlight on our super stylish readers (aka YOU)! Everyone has that one thing that makes them standout and feel fabulous, right? Whether it's your favorite dress, a new hairstyle, a killer pair of shoes or head-turning accessories-- we want to see it!

This week we're celebrating the head-to-toe fabulousity of LaTonia Smith.

While the Silver Spring, Md., resident's wardrobe is spot on with the season's hottest trends--bold colors and vibrant prints--it's her amazing hair that has captured our attention.

LaTonia insists that she's a no-fuss gal when it comes to maintaining her marvelous au natural mane, which is hard to believe since it's pretty close to perfect. Finding inspiration for her super chic hairstyles in magazines and by watching YouTube videos--LaTonia's DIY approach to beauty is clearly working!

Style Star: LaTonia Smith
Age: 27
Occupation: Fourth Grade Teacher and Team Leader at Galway Elementary School
Personal fashion philosophy:"Being voluptuously built, brown and natural, I often feel that people try to put me into a box as to say that if you are these 'things' then you cannot be stylish. Well, I don't subscribe to any of those perceptions. I love the idea of smashing the hell out of those boxes and just being me! I adore luxurious fabrics, simple cuts and bold colors. I want to wear anything that makes me feel good."

Check out LaTonia's sensational style in the slideshow below--the first few pictures illustrate that this lovely lady can definitely dress for sartorial success--but keep clicking through to see all her beautiful 'dos!