04/23/2012 11:11 am ET Updated Nov 16, 2012

Reggie Evans Flop: Clippers Enforcer's Epic Fail Against Hornets (VIDEO)

With the amount of flopping going on in the NBA these days, you wouldn't think Reggie Evans needed to look overseas for inspiration. But in the final minute of the fourth quarter of the Los Angeles' 107-98 win over New Orleans on Sunday, the Clippers' enforcer committed an egregious flop that was reminiscent of the epic dive that briefly turned the hoops spotlight on the Philippine Basketball Association.

As Chris Paul took the ball up the court, Evans set a hard screen on New Orleans' Greivis Vasquez. Vasquez retaliated and shoved Evans with a forearm to his chest. Evans then hesitated for a split second, threw his arms into the air and fell back onto the floor.

Cue the Jeff Van Gundy rant.

The refs called a Flagrant-2, but then reviewed it and downgraded the call to a personal foul, much to the chagrin of CP3 who appeared to call for the officials to actually eject Vasquez from the game.

Some fans who saw the flop live had other ideas.