04/23/2012 03:30 pm ET

'The Lion King': Voice Actor Frank Welker Brings A Lion's Roar To Life With A Garbage Can (VIDEO)

If you want to roar like Simba -- post "Hakuna Matata" song-and-dance number -- then you're in luck. Our friends at CartoonBrew.com unearthed this behind-the-scenes video of famed voice actor Frank Welker recording the lion roars for Disney classic, "The Lion King."

And it looks like all you need to roar like Simba is ... a trash can?

Yep. Welker used a trash can to help him muster up those deep -- somewhat frightening -- roaring noises. After watching the video above, it's pretty easy to see why Welker is one of the most well-known and respected voice actors in the business. With over 3,000 credits to his name, Welker has voiced or appeared in 97 movies with a combined gross revenue of over $6.4 billion, making him the most successful actor in Hollywood.

Take a look at some of Welker's most memorable voice roles below.

Frank Welker's Most Memorable Voice Roles