04/23/2012 01:06 pm ET

US Travel Industry, Rosanne Cash Launch First 'Discover America' Ad Campaign

The industry group responsible for drawing tourists to the United States, Brand USA, has launched a $12.3-million campaign that invites visitors to "Discover America."

A centerpiece of the multimedia marketing effort is a Rosanne Cash song called "Land of Dreams" that also features David Hidalgo, Steve Berlin and Bebel Gilberto. A music video for the track features visuals of wilderness landscapes, as well as Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco and New York's Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, Central Park, Times Square and still-under-construction One World Trade Center.

The push is an effort to tap into the growing global travel market, which one trade group says employs as many as 25 percent of people in some countries.

In January, President Obama called tourism "the number one service we export" while speaking about the U.S. from Walt Disney World.

"We want to spread America’s message of welcome around the world and invite travelers to experience the limitless possibilities the United States has to offer," said the leader of the new effort, Brand USA CEO Jim Evans, in a press release. A $14 charge on all incoming international visitors finances the program, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Walt Disney Company, Marriott and Best Western have all chipped in $1 million each in financing as well, Bloomberg reports.

The campaign will also feature TV spots, billboards, magazine ads and online videos, appearing first in Canada, Japan and the UK, with Brazil and South Korea to follow.