04/23/2012 04:48 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2012

Victoria Beckham Twitter Photos Reveal That Same Old Pose Again (PHOTOS)

Celebrities have been doing the dutiful walk-and-pose for years, certainly before Angelina Jolie started #angelegging and Lea Michele started doing that "slow-motion picture kinda thing."

Because before them, there was Victoria Beckham. As has become apparent from her enthusiastic tweeting this week, the artist formerly known as Posh has settled on one specific pose.

And it goes something like this: Plant your right foot in the back. Left foot in front of you. Turn to the side. Chin down. Don't smile. Hand on hip is optional.

It's a pose that emphasizes how narrow and lithe Victoria is (seriously, if she turned sideways anymore she might disappear) and also, quite conveniently, can be done sitting down. It's become somewhat of a specialty, although she's had to modify her stance since carrying little Harper in her arms.

But is the pose getting old? We're a little weary of seeing the designer's left leg jutted out just so. Why not try the right, Victoria? Or maybe loosen up that back, toss you hair over your shoulder and... smile?

See Victoria Beckham's signature pose below -- do you think the designer needs a new look?